On March 24, 25 and 26, the benchmark show in the world of diving returns to Fira de Cornellà

The Mediterranean Diving Show celebrates its 23rd edition and for three days it becomes the largest showcase of underwater activities

For yet another year, the 8,300 square meters of the Cornellà fairgrounds are preparing to host the most historic diving fair in the country. 23 years since the first edition was inaugurated, becoming a benchmark for professionals, athletes, practitioners and fans of the underwater activities sector, a position that it maintains today, also being one of the most influential halls dedicated to scuba diving. in Europe. The fair will open its doors on March 24 and until Sunday 26 it will host manufacturers, diving centers, didactics, organizations, specialized stores, travel agencies, entities, institutions, etc. And it is that the Mediterranean Diving Show will once again become the epicenter of the world of immersions.

The fair will open its doors on Friday, March 24 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday, March 25 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday, March 26 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Three days that offer the visitor a wide exhibition area where they can find the latest news in terms of diving equipment for all levels, from beginners, recreational diving, athletes and professionals, suitable for diving on any seabed and at any temperature, wetsuits, fins, goggles, underwater image capture equipment, lighting, waterproof boxes, watches and the most innovative regulators, etc. The presence of travel agencies and diving centers offer the best destinations and vacation alternatives adaptable to any request. For those looking to improve their level, the Mediterranean Diving Show will offer a wide range of courses and the didactics and organizations present will offer information on new official certifications and specialization in any of the disciplines included in the underwater activities sector.

The heated pool, protagonist of the fair

Beyond the stands, which are the real attraction of the Mediterranean Diving Show, each year the heated pool installed in the enclosure attracts the attention of the public by hosting demonstrations, such as those carried out by top-level athletes with records in static apnea. It also receives the visit of many minors who have the option of performing their first immersion baptism with the help of professional instructors. Again this year the pool will be one of the live points of the fair with continuous activity during the three days.

Another of the hot spots of the show, we will find it in the conference room where a new edition of the Professional Technical Conferences will take place, a forum for the presentation and debate of new trends, analysis of the present and the future of the sector and where they see the light new initiatives related to diving.

Visitors can also enjoy exhibitions and activities as well as the involvement of Fotovideosub, an internationally prestigious underwater photo and video contest that this year will exhibit the winning photographs of the last edition, the film with the winning videos and with their presence they will take advantage of present the 2023 edition of the contest.

All this and much more is being prepared at Fira de Cornellà for a Mediterranean Diving that is warming up. The 23rd edition of the show is backed by its history and with the unconditional support of the main agents that last year received the visit of some ten thousand people.


February 15, 2023. Cornellà de Llobregat

The Mediterranean Diving Show is praised to reinforce its position as a reference in the subaquatic sector

Fira de Cornella has closed its doors today after three intense days in which it has become the cathedral of the busseig per excel·lència. The Mediterranean Diving Show 2022 is hosted by an excellent slow response from visitors and exhibitors. Gairebé 10,000 people have passed through the Cornellà fairgrounds to research the latest equipment, to find the newest destinations or to find out about courses at schools and bus centers that allow them to explore the underwater depths. With the unconditional support of more than seventy exhibitors, the MD Show has once again posed to demonstrate the importance of this sector that each cop has more followers and that is becoming an economic revolution for all the territories on which it is practiced in favor of the aforementioned ‘white economy’ that recognizes the importance of the seas and oceans as engines of the economy with great potential for innovation and growth.

In terms of destinations, the public continues to seek traditional immersions in Mexico, Maldives, Mar Roig or Indonesia, but also faces the possibility of expressing increasing interest each time in destinations to our peninsular coast or to the Canaries and Balearic Islands. . The sustainable busseig is also promoted to raise awareness among fans, sportspeople and professionals about the importance of being respectful to each other for submarines. Precisely the Club d’Immersió Biologia present at the MD Show focus their work precisely on promoting respectful immersions from the formation of divers, through dissemination, the organization of activities and achieving the defense of the environment both campaigns i formatives. At the Mediterranean Diving Show you can also find information about other diving experiences with diving between dofins, taurons, balenes or jibs.

For the teams, brands and manufacturers have presented at the fair the seves latest trends in neoprens tant for diving, apnea, snorkeling, underwater fishing or for any other discipline, the new line of masks, adjustable fins, plantains or underwater imaging equipment, among many other novelties.

For the seva band, the MD Show has verified that the busseig is an open activity to the gaudiment of tothom. The Catalan Federation of Underwater Activities (FECDAS), for example, has donated information on busseig including its purpose to make the practice of busseig suitable for people with physical, mental or sensory functional diversity. O fins i tot el busseig amb finalitats arqueològiques, the FECDAS figures in more than 800 underwater archeological sites that can bring documents to Catalonia. From the federation and jointly with the Center for Underwater Archeology of Catalonia is to raise awareness and link its members in the active defense of this fragile heritage.

Three intense days of fair with demonstrations of apnea in the pool, subaquatic children’s workshops, subaquatic rugby demonstration, Jornades Tècniques Professionals also molt concorregudes… tot has just configured the fair offer. The Mediterranean Diving Show is scheduled to end in 2023, maintaining its position as one of the most important bus fires in Europe.


Program of the Professional Technical Conferences 2022

Within the framework of the Mediterranean Diving Show, we are again preparing a whole program of presentations and conferences. A new edition of the Professional Technical Conference, which has become a vital space within the framework of the diving fair. A place where professionals, athletes, amateurs, manufacturers, entities, etc. come together to reflect on the present and the future of the sector.

Get to know the 2022 program:

The Mediterranean Diving Show returns on April 1, 2 and 3, 2022

The most veteran diving fair reinforces its position as a reference fair

The Mediterranean Diving Show reaches its 22nd edition on April 1, 2 and 3, after a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Our last appointment was in February 2020 and in April we will relive three days that serve as a meeting point for the sector of underwater activities in Spain, a show that maintains its position among the main diving fairs of Europe.

Once again, visitors will find in the show all the new products presented by the manufacturers, the most innovative materials, models of wetsuits to dive on any seabed and at any temperature, the best underwater imaging cameras, fins and goggles. state-of-the-art jackets, the most adventurous destinations for those who want to take risks, the ideal diving for family diving, traditional destinations such as the Maldives, the Red Sea, Indonesia or the secrets of the seabed that we have closer. All at a fair that also hosts the presentation of entrepreneurial proposals for diving lovers.

As usual, the heated swimming pool installed inside the fairgrounds will once again be another highlight of the show. Thanks to the civil protection instructors and freediving workshops organized every year by the Catalan Federation of Underwater Activities.

The Professional Technical Conferences held as part of the MD Show will once again lay the foundations for the present and future of the sector with an attractive program of conferences and presentations.

Thus, the 22nd edition of the fair will generate the perfect gear for practitioners and professionals of underwater activities.

22 Mediterranean Diving Show

Days: April 1, 2 and 3, 2022

Venue: Cornellà Fair


  • Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

More than a hundred exhibitors , companies from nine countries representing the best destinations with diving traditions ,the presence of big brands and the unconditional support of organisations, associations and the most important professionals in the sector …This is the 21st edition of the Mediterranean diving show

More than a hundred exhibitors , companies from nine countries representing the best destinations with diving traditions ,the presence of big brands and the unconditional support of organisations, associations and the most important professionals in the sector …This is the 21st edition of the Mediterranean diving show ,the exhibition hall dedicated to diving and sub aquatic activities .The oldest diving exhibition in the country .The fair takes place this weekend from the 14th to 16th of February in Cornellà exhibition centre,  an event which has grown in parallel with the sector endorsed by its 21 editions .Supported in part by its faithful exhibitors and maintaining  it’s leader position in Spain and one of the best diving fairs in Europe. The MD Show is full of latest and another year becoming a great showcase and meeting point for professionals, sports people and hobbyists in the diving world .

The fair could not be better situated in the region which counts nearly 28,000 licenced divers according to the last Annual Sports Statistics which were published by the Ministry of Culture and the leading sport in Catalonian ranking with nearly 5,000 licences ,followed by Galicia with little more than 3,700, then Valencia with more than 3,500 followed by Andalucia with almost 2,600.Catalonia excels more than 200 authorised immersion centres and therefore is one of the top destinations for diving in Europe .The numbers reflect the importance in the region and not only the diving but also the economic impact it has .Only the Immersion Centres in Catalonia which function as businesses make 20 million euros a year .The average spending in the tourism linked with diving is 100 million euros a year broken down as follows 20% spent in diving centres (courses equipment rental ,excursions)and 80% remaining with other related services like accommodation, restauration, commerce and others .It is an economic engine in the zones the people practice dibing .

The Oldest Diving Fair

Encouraged by the positive figures in the sector, the MD show takes place another year in the Cornellå  Exhibition Centre .The exhibition hall has a new opening hours hoping to meet the expectations of the exhibitors. The fair opens its doors on Friday from 10h until 19h ,Saturday from 10h until 20h and Sunday from 10 h until 16h.Another year covering the entire surface 8,300 square metres with big offers ,Top brands ,manufacturers, distributors , Diving schools and centres travel agents specialising in diving ,nautical learning ,organisations ,federations , representatives of sub aquatic rescue etc .Exhibitors show their latest tendencies in diving equipment in all levels reaching professional level to dive until any depth and temperature, wetsuits ,flippers masks ,oxygen tanks ,watches and the latest generation of sub aquatic image devices ,the newest pressure tanks ,the most sought after destinations, the most charming sea beds ,the most adventurous trips for those who want risk ,family destinations to dive with the family ,the most attractive cruises .The Cornellà  Exhibition centre transforms itself for 3 days into a diving epicenter for diving .

The MD Show 2020 counts on the presence of top level brands like Mares ,Padi and Cressi thanks to the participation of their centres , De Profundis ,Freatic sport SSI Garmin ,OMS Iberia ,Big blue lights ,etc.The 21st edition of the fair also has support organisms of the sector like Dan Europe of the Spanish  History of diving Association (HDSES),of the Catalan Federation of sub aquatic activities (FECDAS),of the Director of fishing and Maritime affairs from the Generalitat Catalonia and sub aquatic rescue teams like FEAS or the Spanish subaquatic emergency support.Also there are the tourist offices like the Canary Islands,the Council for Formentera or the tourism centre of Castellon.Also this year there  international exhibitors ,companies from Portugal, France ,Italy ,Mozambique, England ,Mexico ,Philipines ,Indonesia and U.S.A.

Apart from the Exhibition Area the fair has diverse activities which enrich the experience .New this year exhibitors and visitors can access the hall which welcomes the Journades Tecniques Professionals,an ideal space for reflection and debate about the future and present of the sector but also where they she show the avant garde technology or new services over the three days of the fair .

The other focus of interest for the second year running is the The MD diving show fashion show ,the first programmed for Saturday at 18h and the second for Sunday at 12 midday. Brands like Cressi,Mares ,SSI,Freatic Sport ,Padi Dear I De Profundis take part with the help of their models ,modeling their latest equipment to practice diving at all levels At  at the show  documentaries and films  are projected onto the screen, brought by the exhibitors with the aim of defending the high value of our seabed and the need to preserve them .Highlighted by the “Dolphin Man “the story of Jacques Mayol directed by Lefteris Charitos which is programmed for Saturday at 16h.

The climatized pool installed in the fair is another real attraction in the exhibition hall especially for the youngsters .There,you can complete your first immersion baptism assisted by our professional instructors who will award credited diplomas .Also for the youngsters the Fecdas apnea workshops Over the three days of the fair the public can watch demonstrations by top level divers in the discipline. New this year the Assiciation of Madrid mermaids and titrons  who let you experience seeing their sirens in the water.

The MD Show also in this occasion presents different expositions. The main one being the the photography and underwater PhotoVideoSub which exhibit their latest photographs and winning films from their 2019 edition ,and moreover organise their corresponding awards within the setting of the exhibition hall. Also we contribute to the Marviva ,the clean up of marine residues .An initiative taken by the agency, Residus de Catalunya along with the Port of Barcelona and the Port Authority of Barcelona  which tries to make aware the threat of these residues to the marine life ,commercial fishing ,tourism, marine transportation. In relation more to the healing of our seabeds, within the exhibition hall also is presented new initiatives like the company Condor who on Friday the 14th of February at 11h present their latest creation ,socks made from recycled plastic from the oceans .

All these components make up the MD Show an edition alive and dynamic. An exhibition platform which lets you find out all the latest in the sector ,a great place for networking for the companies attending  and a real meeting point for professionals ,sports people ,diving hobbyists and lovers of the sub aquatic world.





Saturday 15th of February at 18h

Brands Freatic ,Padi Dear ,Cressi

De Profundis  ,Mares and SSI



Seminar room from 14-16 of February



Baptism, workshops and demonstrations

Immersion Baptism 14,15 and 16th of February

Friday 14th of February:sample of mermaid suits by Sirenida

Saturday February the 15th

12h Txema Arrabal shows us  how to be aquatics in the water through yoga, swimming and diving.

17h Miguel Lozana organises demonstrations of static apnea.

From 18h until 19 h Aponea activities run by FECDAS

Sunday 16th of February

10:30h to 11:50 h Apnoea activities run by FECDAS

12h Static apnoea demonstrations run by Miguel Lozano



Continuous production on the runway screen.

Images ,videos ,documentaries, projections and underwater photographs taken by companies and associations .: FotoVideoSub ,Canary Islands , Anel-lides (an organisation dedicated to education and dissemination of marine ambient ,Sirenida (Madrid association for mermaids and titons) ,Catalan Federation of subaquatic activities .

Polynesian dance performed by SuperDive Tossa de Mar .

Catalan Castle demonstration Saturday 15th of February at 12h.



Saturday 15th of February  at 16h:Showing of Dolphin man (the incredible story of Jacques Mayol )

Director Lefteris Chataris ,sponsored by diving centre Vanas Dive and AYIA Aquatic yoga international Association.


Photographic exhibition Show

Expositions of the finalists in the photographic contest run by Fotovideosub 2019

Photographic Exposition from the champion of Spain 2019 of underwater images FEDAS /FECDAS


The Diver of Honor award 2020 presentation

The Diver of honor 2020 presentation  on Saturday the 15th at 19h at the HDSES stand .





14th February

11:40h to 12:40

Reduction in air consumption, anxiety ,floatability control and stress control in diving

Presented by Txema Arrbaral

Organised by Aquatic yoga school


12:50h  to 13:50 h

The incredible sexual life under the sea .

Presented by Eli Bonfill

Organised by plankton diving

14:00 to 14:30

Marine Biomarathon 22020approaching the citizens science in the sea

Presented by Sonia Linan and Andrea Comoposado Garcia .

Organised by the Sea science institute  (CMCSIS) and Anel-lides ,ambiental marine services.

15:00 -15:50

Biology for divers ,a journey to the deep water marine life .

Presented by :Jose A Castellano Garrido

Organised by : Biology for divers

16:00 to 17:00

Film showing Divers ,Irons and wrecks

Presented by Jose Maria Castellvi

Organised by HDSES

17:10 to 18:00

Recreational diving bases and techniques  with the new collections from OMS

Presented by Miquel Gibert


18:10 to 19:00

Evolution in decompression theory in the last decade  2009-2019

Presented by Ramon Verdoguer DAN European area manager  (spain )

Organised by DAN Europe



15th of February


10:20 to 11:20

Return to the art of lost fishing skills A collaboration of actors

Organised by Generalitat of Catalunya ,Direcció General de Pesca I aferts maritime

Collaboration :FECDAS and Barcelona University.


11:30 to 12:30

News presentation

Presented by Marc Mayoral

Organised by MARES

12:40   to 13:40

Initial action in accidents of diving bends .Clinical cases

Presented by Agusti Ruiz ,MD PhD ,Director of IEM (Institute of medical studies)

13:50 to 14:50

South Calafornia  unseen nature

Presented by Gabriel Vasquez, founder of Buceo Carey

Documentary produced by Gorka lelerca


The dredger ,the exploration of a dredger placed at 75 metres deep

Presented  by Josep Maria Castelvi


16:00 to 17:00


Presented by David Perea

Organised by SSI

17:10 to 18:00

Tenerife in your hands 360 degree and 365 days

Presented by Elio Alberta and Angeles Delgado

Organised by Good friends diving and apnoea

18:00 to 20:00

Members Forum PADI

Presented by Josep Louis Casals



SSUNDAY 16th of February


10 :00 to 12:00

Instructors and federated instructors

Organised by FECDAS

12:10 to 13:10

Club of biological and sustainable diving

Presented by Andreu Llamas ,Jordi Regas and Laura Figuerola

Organised by Club d’immeesió Biologia (CIB_UB)

13:20 to 14:30

Dolphins and whales on the coast of Garraf

Presented by Alba Martinez and Ricard Marcos

Organised by Nautical Club Garraf -association









Everything is ready for the Professional Technical Conference 2020 in the framework of the 21 MD Show

We already have available the program of the Professional Technical Days 2020, a forum for reflection and dialogue that aims to discuss the present and future of the underwater activities sector.

The conference takes place in parallel to the Mediterranean Diving Show in a room set up in the same fairgrounds.

Click here to learn about the new programming.


For three days ,Cornellà becomes the capital of the world for all subaquatic activities, forefronting the longest standing fair in the country dedicated to diving .
The fair in Cornellà ,again visited by thousands of professionals , amateurs , diving enthusiasts.Hosted from the 15th-17th of February,the legendary diving fair ,this year renamed THE MEDITERRANEAN DIVING SHOW.A new name but keeping the prestige achieved in it’s 20 year history,a trade show considered a reference point in the European diving fair calender and enjoyed by the sector who once again return to give support.Attending ,the best brands , manufacturers,distributors, instruction ,schools , diving centres , specialised travel agents , federations……all the personnel related to the world of subaquatic activities.Among new features , the star is MDShow ,catwalks organised for Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning,where different brands show off their new features : wet suits ,flippers , oxygen tanks , masks etc .In the Zona show they also schedule videos and underwater themed films recognised internationally.

International Presence and big brands

Brands like ,Cressi ,Suunto , Beuchat Sub España SAU ,Dear Profundis , Freatic Sport , Garmin or OMS Ibérica are present at the fair and make known their state of the art equipment.An edition that again attracts the attention of international exhibitors representing countries like Portugal , France , Maldives, Italy , Mexico , England , Indonesia , USA or Mozambique.The trade fair , again counts on the support of institutions like the Castellón Tourist Board ,Murciá Region Tourist Institute , Valencian Department of Tourism , Director General of Fishing and Maritime Affairs from the Generalitat de Catalunya ,also the Catalan Federation of Subaquatic Activities of Catalonia and aquatic rescue services like the Fire Service from the Generalitat and the Spanish Subaquatic Emergency services .

Conferences , presentations , parades , audiovisuals in the “Zona show”

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the MDShow has scheduled many activities to complement the exposition area .Some of these like the professional seminars with interesting conferences about the sector abd presentation of innovations by the brand’s within the framework of the fair.
New this year is the “ZONA SHOW” where prestigious audiovisuals are continually projected like the documentary “La evolution del cube submarismo “ by Manel Gil who received “la Barandilla de Bronce ,the best documentary award in the 42nd International Diving Cinema festival I San Sebastian ,last November.The MD Show will have present the awardee.In the Zona Show also premieres the screening of the best underwater videos from the participants of the 2018 competition in nature of international PHOTOVIDEOSUB with educational purposes and with elements promoting diving and encouraging the
protection of marine environment.The FOTOVIDEOSUB organisation take advantage of the fair to present the 2019 underwater videos and photos competition.
The heated swimming pool installed in the Cornellà installation is the focus of attention for the three days of the fair . Certified instructors offer the youngsters the possibility of completing their first dive ,supplied with wetsuits and all the equipment necessary to dive.The swimming pool also where the demonstrations take place and on this occasion the MD Show will have present the professional diver, Miguel Lozano,double time runner up in the world in two of three disciplines in depth Diving (constant weight without flippers and free immersion)
The 20th edition of the legendary Diving trade fair in Cornellà will take place from the 15th to the 17th of February becoming the best showcase in the world of subaquatic activities in the country.

15th , 16th and 17th of February 2019
Friday and Saturday:from 10h until 21h
Sunday:from 10h to 17h.
Entrance : 6 euros

The Mediterranean Diving fair says farewell with over 15000 visitors

The static apnoea exhibitions with renowned champions ,water immersion and latest equipment are those which draw the attention


Today ,Sunday at 5pm,we said farewell to the XIX Mediterranean Diving fair ,good attendance ,8,300 square metres where more than 140 exhibitors joined together in one of our most international fairs.It included professionals from Germany, Philippines,France,Italy, Mexico,Portugal,UK, Thailand,USA,,Azores,and Madeira.From Friday when the ever famous immersion hall opened it’s doors by,Sunday,15000 visitors passed through the doors of the Cornellà fair,a figure maintained from last year.
The swimming pool has been one of the main interests over the weekend, top level divers participating like Miguel Lozano and Tewfki Blaoui. Also more than 100 youngsters have completed their first dive with the help and support of the Subaquatic Emergency services,the youngsters took away their first regulated dive certificate.
The Technical seminar rooms also have been packed in the majority of the programmed conferences, throughout the three days.

The manufacturers and distributors took advantage to display their innovations and latest equipment ;wetsuits , computers, flippers , equipment to record underwater images etc. Schools and Scuba diving centres promoted their outings and have offered scuba diving classes for all levels.Travel Agents have introduced us to more unusual destinations and also the more traditional ,as the seabeds in places like the Red Sea, Philippines and the Maldives continue to be the favourites .Also in the fair there has been growing interest in nearby destinations like the Catalan coast and the seabeds in Gran Canaria.

The XIX fair also had some special moments like the award Ceremony “Diver of Honour” which was received on Saturday by Dr Mercè Vilanova ,a commendation that every year is awarded by the Historical Diving Society Spain.For it’s part Promotur Islas Canarias took advantage of their first assistance to give and introduce the winner of the “Open Photo Sub online Isla del el Hierro , Jesus Yeeai Delgado and to release the dates of the XXII Open Fotosub for Biodiversity which takes place on the 19-21st October 2018
The tenth presence of the Diving Hall gained good figures maintaining itself as one of the main European fairs and in the Spanish sector.Not forgetting that Catalonia is where you can find the largest number of federated divers in the country.
Friday saw visitors with a more professional profile,leading into a more familiar public visiting Cornellà fair on Saturday and Sunday.In general the visitors were looking for the latest material, features of the subaquatic recording equipment which has growing number of enthusiasts .In third place offers of destinations to complete their next diving trips.This year the recreational scuba diver returned looking for attractive seabeds which also offer charming tourist places.This confirms the sector known as “Blue Economy”.
With this new incentive we say farewell to the XIX Mediterranean Diving fair with the satisfaction we have been able to attract Exhibitors and visitors and looking for new dates for the 2019 fair.