The Mediterranean Diving fair says farewell with over 15000 visitors

The static apnoea exhibitions with renowned champions ,water immersion and latest equipment are those which draw the attention


Today ,Sunday at 5pm,we said farewell to the XIX Mediterranean Diving fair ,good attendance ,8,300 square metres where more than 140 exhibitors joined together in one of our most international fairs.It included professionals from Germany, Philippines,France,Italy, Mexico,Portugal,UK, Thailand,USA,,Azores,and Madeira.From Friday when the ever famous immersion hall opened it’s doors by,Sunday,15000 visitors passed through the doors of the Cornellà fair,a figure maintained from last year.
The swimming pool has been one of the main interests over the weekend, top level divers participating like Miguel Lozano and Tewfki Blaoui. Also more than 100 youngsters have completed their first dive with the help and support of the Subaquatic Emergency services,the youngsters took away their first regulated dive certificate.
The Technical seminar rooms also have been packed in the majority of the programmed conferences, throughout the three days.

The manufacturers and distributors took advantage to display their innovations and latest equipment ;wetsuits , computers, flippers , equipment to record underwater images etc. Schools and Scuba diving centres promoted their outings and have offered scuba diving classes for all levels.Travel Agents have introduced us to more unusual destinations and also the more traditional ,as the seabeds in places like the Red Sea, Philippines and the Maldives continue to be the favourites .Also in the fair there has been growing interest in nearby destinations like the Catalan coast and the seabeds in Gran Canaria.

The XIX fair also had some special moments like the award Ceremony “Diver of Honour” which was received on Saturday by Dr Mercè Vilanova ,a commendation that every year is awarded by the Historical Diving Society Spain.For it’s part Promotur Islas Canarias took advantage of their first assistance to give and introduce the winner of the “Open Photo Sub online Isla del el Hierro , Jesus Yeeai Delgado and to release the dates of the XXII Open Fotosub for Biodiversity which takes place on the 19-21st October 2018
The tenth presence of the Diving Hall gained good figures maintaining itself as one of the main European fairs and in the Spanish sector.Not forgetting that Catalonia is where you can find the largest number of federated divers in the country.
Friday saw visitors with a more professional profile,leading into a more familiar public visiting Cornellà fair on Saturday and Sunday.In general the visitors were looking for the latest material, features of the subaquatic recording equipment which has growing number of enthusiasts .In third place offers of destinations to complete their next diving trips.This year the recreational scuba diver returned looking for attractive seabeds which also offer charming tourist places.This confirms the sector known as “Blue Economy”.
With this new incentive we say farewell to the XIX Mediterranean Diving fair with the satisfaction we have been able to attract Exhibitors and visitors and looking for new dates for the 2019 fair.